This is Eric’s Pearl GLX Super Pro set he got in the early 80s. This was his first endorsement kit and he used them with Sabbath, Gary Moore ( who passed away a few months ago ), Badlands, Alice Cooper and KISS so there is alot of emotion attached to the kit.

Here is what Eric said about the kit’s history:

They were my 1st PEARL endorsement kit in 1986. I used them with BLACK SABBATH on that 7th Star tour and then in studio for The Eternal Idol record. Then with Gary Moore, Badlands, Alice Cooper and even a couple KISS shows ALL while they were their original finish in “Piano Black”. I never used them with MONTROSE, but I did have the Flames painted like Denny Carmassi’s kit he had in Montrose. Used the drums on the Alice Cooper DRAGONTOWN 2003 tour with the flames painted on to go with the Asian motif ! …and the story goes on ’til today with them being my “new” KISS Kit !!

In January of 2011, Eric and Dale (Flanigan) started to talk about the project and going over the various updates and customization to the set. It got more exciting as they talked and then Eric asked if there was any way to have them done in time for the Spring 2011 tours ( Kiss and ESP )!
Dale on the project:

I must say – Eric really knows what he wants in every aspect of the drum-set. He’s a total drum geek ! After little / no sleep for a few weeks and a buncha shipping by air charges; I finished them just in time. Huge fun though.

Below is Dale’s detail on the refurbish, repair & re-edging on Eric’s GLX set-up.

  • I sanded the flame paint job off, cut the bass drums from 16×24 to 15×24.
  • I cut the 16×16 floor tom to 14 1/2 x 16.
  • Added a 12″ tom that I cut to 9 1/2″ x 12.
  • Cut the 11×13 to 9 1/2 deep x 13.
  • Dowel and epoxy plugged all the old lug holes and redrilled.
  • Moved the bass drum mounts forward, filled May EA holes in the drums, then black painted patches.
  • Face trued and re-edged all the drums w/ my formula. My bearing edge formula includes a polymerizing process. The polymer ‘densifies’ the edges to increase the contact points transference of vibration between the head and shell.
  • Added an 8 and 10 toms that I were included with the refurbish in 8×8 and 8×10.
  • Relaminated all in that cool Moiré material.
  • There is also a matching piece of shell that goes into a 6 1/2 x 14 free floating snare frame.
  • I also did a 10 1/2 x14 that he uses when he plays 1 mounted tom.

The complete set is now:

  • (2) 15 x 24 bass drums.
  • (1) 8 x 8 tom.
  • (1) 8 x 10 tom.
  • (1)  9 1/2 x 12 tom.
  • (1)  9 1/2 x 13 tom.
  • (1) 10 1/2 x 14 (optional) tom.
  • (1) 14 1/2 x 16 floor tom.
  • (1) 16 x 18 floor tom.
  • (1) 6 1/2 x 14 free floating snare.

Enjoy !!

Eric singing Beth, standing on the PEARL GLX Super Pro kit

Eric's new GLX Super Pro KISS kit 1

Eric's new GLX Super Pro KISS kit 2

GLX Super Pro finished shells

GLX Super Pro finished kick

Eric Singer - KISS rehearsal 1

Eric Singer - KISS rehearsal 2

Eric's GLX kit BEFORE 1

Eric's GLX kit BEFORE 2